Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I'm sitting here in my brand new living room. To the left of me are three huge windows letting me gaze beyond our backyard into the vast forest. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely breathtaking and everything I have ever wanted, but leaves me having to confront all of the empty spaces in my life.
From the minor empty spaces, like my little girl starting school, and now I'm left all alone in this big house all day long.
From the major empty spaces, like losing the best friends we have ever had and knowing nothing will ever change that.
For awhile these empty spaces, among many others, like missing my nephew Jax more than I can stand
 have held me captive "On the Dark side of the Moon."

I'm happy to say I have broken those chains. I'm not stupid, I know that I'm going to get sad from time to time. That comes with being human and certainly comes with adapting. Through many talks with my dad in the early mornings and talks with my mom.....after she's had her coffee :) And LOTS of prayer, on my knees, prayer, I have joy in my heart.
Wow, I haven't said that in so long that I can't remember and damn, does it feel great. I'm going into town meeting people, introducing myself and talking......I don't do talking.

I guess in some ways you could say I'm turning into my Mother, that's a good thing!



  1. you sure you want to be like your mom?

  2. why do you look so short in that picture? Did I have my boots on?

  3. I had to crack up at your mom coming on twice to comment. Girl I feel you, I am literally right there with you. I would have never thought a wreck could cause so much havoc in our lives like it has. Finding the joy is sometimes so darn hard isn't it, but so worth it.

  4. Good Morning Princess, nice work. :-)

  5. Great throughs, Princess.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  6. You are beautiful, as is your mom. You can always win, the only people that lose are those that quit. If you don't quit then you always have the opportunity to win! Don't seek, find. Don't want, have. You can do it.